Australian Paper Industry Quotes

* “sustainably managed forests” refer to Government endorsed logging of native forests. This endorsement has been established through various legislative and business deals using tactics such as the suppression of scientific evidence and environmental reports. [link] [link] [link] [link]

“A high proportion of the hardwood used in Reflex comes from eucalypt wood, sourced from *sustainably managed plantations and forestry operations and pulped at its Maryvale Mill. “Quote from Paperlinx [pdf]

“Wood for the pulpmills is sourced from both plantation and native forest sources. 64% of all Maryvale’s primary wood supplies (as distinct from imported pulp) are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and the remaining fibre derived from *sustainably managed forests” Quote from Australian Paper [link]

“Pulp and paper is by far the largest segment of the processing sector, with the Maryvale mill converting 1.4 million m³ pa of log and sawmill chip (42% of Gippsland’s supply) into 466 kt of pulp and 585 kt of paper”. Quote from Gippsland Private Forestry Inc. [pdf page 11]

“Of the 630,000 hectares of State forest, 407,000 hectares (39% of public land) are used to produce sawlogs on a *sustainable basis”. Quote from DPI [link]

“Public native forest harvestable under multiple use management occupies 9% of Gippsland and generates 45% of the region’s wood production.” Quote from Gippsland Private Forestry Inc [link]

“The harvestable area of Gippsland’s public native forests (G. Featherston DSE unpublished data) is dominated by mixed species which account for 80% of the area (325 000 ha), followed by Alpine ash with 11% (45 000 ha) and Mountain Ash 9% (35 000 ha)” Quote from Gippsland Private Forestry Inc [pdf page 31]

“With efficient management focused on commercial wood production, the native forests are capable of producing logs with lower growing costs than plantations” Quote from Gippsland Private Forestry Inc [pdf page 35]

This research only covers Victoria and not the other areas in which Australian Paper operate such as Tasmainia.