It is currently legal to label and promote paper made from Australian native forest to be Sustainable!

Unfortunately the Australian Paper companies are not what they advertise themselves to be. Claims of sustainability and best practice are in fact manipulation of legal loopholes and certification systems.

One of the big offenders is the company called “Australian Paper”, makers of the famous Reflex Office Paper (Yes, Reflex includes Australian Native Forest)

If you visit the website of Australian Paper, you will find it plastered with claims of sustainability but if you look closer, you will not find many specific details of where they source their pulp. And yes, we too, are wondering why the ACCC, allows them to get away with deliberate misleading marketing.

Australian Paper and logging of our native forests

Currently, Australian Paper is linked to logging in the Central Highland, Strzelecki Rainforest Reserve and the Baw Baw National Park, which has been recognised by several key scientific studies as one of Victoria’s most biologically significant sites and one of its most important water catchments 

The Central Highlands of Victoria are the world’s most carbon-dense forest according to researchers from the Australian National University. Professor Mackey said “It identifies a gap in climate change policy that Australia needs to address. There has been a lot of talk about the need to address tropical deforestation in developing countries, but these results show we must start by recognising the carbon benefits to be gained from protecting our native forests”. 

Information sources can be found from the Article: ENVI Carbon Neutral Paper